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Meet the band

Marshal Huffman

// Bass, percussion

Marshal is a multi-instrumentalist and he lays down an excellent rhythmic foundation for “The River Cats” on bass and cajon. He also grabs a guitar occasionally and belts out a soulful lead vocal.

Jessica Gardner

// Lead Vocal, guitar

Jessica is “the voice” of the band and delivers a sweet, flawless vocal performance that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. In addition to singing, Jessica holds down a solid rhythm accompaniment on guitar.

Dale Huffman

// Lead Guitar

Dale handles the primary lead guitar duties, bringing a lifetime of blues, rock and country influence to his unique style of acoustic guitar playing.  He also sings backing harmony vocals.

Blake Vance

// Mandolin, other..

Blake is a multi-instrumentalist who plays whatever is needed. Although the majority of Blake’s musical experience has been in the traditional bluegrass world playing mandolin, he is well versed in many musical styles.

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